Exclusive Trip for Indians

Bhutan Tour Packages from India – As per the directive of Tourism Council of Royal Government of Bhutan, Indian resident nationals are exempted from Royalty (mandatory govt levied fee) and certain taxes; therefore pricing policy for tours is a slightly different from non Indians. We have several different tour packages specially tailored for Indian couple or families with children. Keeping in line with the Government policy of Quality Tourism, we have designed tours of various duration that introduces visitors to the unique aspects of Bhutanese culture and whichever tour you go, there are fascinating excursions to villages, temples or scenic spots, offering panoramic vistas. You can choose the trip according to the day: 1. Thimphu-Paro Tour- 3 days 2. Short Holiday in Bhutan-4 days 3. Quick Bhutan Tours- 5 days 4. Cultural Holiday in Bhutan-6 days 5. A Week Tour in Bhutan- 7 days 6. Cultural Tour of Bhutan- 8 days 7. Bhutan Monastery Tour- 9 days 8. Himalayas Tours in Bhutan- 10 days 9. Adventure Travels in Bhutan-11 days 10. Historical Tour of Bhutan- 12 days 11. Bhutan culture and Nature Tour- 13 days 12. 2 weeks Bhutan Tours- 14 days 13. Round journey of Bhutan- 15 days